About us
BusinessOfWeb.com is an online venture from the promoters of more than a decade old business and technology consulting firm. With reputed and established domestic and international clients, BusinessOfWeb.com is a featured web services portal for easier, faster and quality service experience.
Key strengths which enable BusinessOfWeb.com to ensure quality and satisfaction for its clients:
  • Equipped with years of experience in internet technology,
  • Constant research,
  • Qualified and experienced management and staff,
  • Robust in-house infrastructure, and
  • Long standing arrangements with world's leading service providers.
BusinessOfWeb.com provides an assembly of web technologies and services for you in a simple and customizable manner to help you  seamlessly pick, choose and use the right applications and services for your requirements.

The objective of BusinessOfWeb.com is to provide one stop latest and quality web based solutions and services which fulfill the positive, constructive and ethical requirements of diverse end users.
 Management Profile
The management of BusinessOfWeb.com has extensive experience, expertise, qualification and proven track record in managing internet based business, including web services. The management strongly emphasizes on transparent and systematic approach, quality, commitment and due deliberation.
BusinessOfWeb.com is accompanied by a team of well qualified and dedicated young professionals and a well equipped infrastructure to ensure prompt and updated support. The team at BusinessOfWeb.com has hands-on technical experience in providing web based business solutions, including web-erp, crm, e-commerce, payment integrations, etc. to a vast number of diverse clients in North America, Europe and South Asia.
Over the past decade, internet has appeared as the most promising and scalable technology. It has always managed to act as voice of rights activists and privacy advocates, a tool of media and governance, a mode for science and education, a medium for love and business. It may not be exaggeration to say that internet is like the next best thing in human civilization after the discovery of fire. Much of it is owed to the visionary minds across the world who envisaged and contributed to development of its technology and functions.
Internet usage and potential is growing day by day since its inception. It has now matured as a serious medium for business transactions, governance, media and social services. At the same time it is also one of the fastest changing medium in terms of technology, usage and conceptual complexity. Understanding its constructive utility and adopting quality services remains a challange for end users.
BusinessOfWeb.com is committed to:
  • the founding principles of internet viz. right to freedom of speech and expression; right to education, free information and fair use technology; respect for civil and human rights; respect for diversity of customs and cultures; open source software; transparency, privacy and above all, innovation.
  • provide greater value and benefit to both existing and new customers.

For quality web services & latest offers, please visit: www.businessofweb.com or feel free to contact us.
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