Important Announcement for Web Hosting

  • Monday, 6th November, 2017
  • 21:42pm
We’re excited to announce that is engaging a new hosting server and as part of this change we will move our linux server hosting to a new updated infrastructure within this month. We will keep you appraised of the whole process.

How will this affect me?

We do not expect any downtime for our Web Hosting services and all web sites hosted with are expected to work normally. However, during the period of migration users of websites may access copies from old and new servers depending on their DNS and Internet connection.

The email services may be inaccessible while the accounts are being moved. Incoming email will normally be queued on the sending servers, but there maybe bouncing from mailing lists. So emails may be delivered with some delay.

What can I do?

We recommend not to make any changes on your website during the scheduled activity. We also recommend that you check your email before and after the scheduled activity.

We will be sending the updated settings for Mail, DNS and IP address to be used after migration.

If you are an ex-customer or any of your account is already expired, the same will not be migrated.

To get updates about the activity, please check our website or if you have any queries please email us.

We are taking various measures to ensure seamless and hassle-free migration and we will be paying attention to each individual account for the same.

Why are you upgrading?

In line with our commitment to providing latest and superior quality technology services at an affordable cost, this upgrade will enable us to bring the latest Cloud based offerings, reduce Total Cost of Ownership and ensure better Pay as you Use value for our customers.

We encourage you to freely try and make maximum use of various features and options available in your account and post your feedback and requirements to us. We will also appreciate if you find the services useful and recommend our services to other users.

Anything Else?

This move will improve the quality and responsiveness of our services, as the server will be hosted on a better managed platform with scope for future updates at the same geo-location with state of the art facilities, secure eco-friendly environment and ensuring power and telecom redundancy.

Services: We are happy to share that we are offering various cyber-security, e-commerce, payment gateway and digital media solutions in keeping with changing business needs.

Enterprise Solutions: We are pleased to inform that we are offering Cloud based services from Amazon Web Services and also obtained Business Professional Accreditation. We are also servicing similar offerings from Google Cloud Platform and other companies for ERP, CRM, Digital Media, etc.

We appreciate your understanding and patronage of our work.


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