Choosing a Hosting Plan

Web Hosting service is used to publish pages and scripts. It is the house of a website or web application. It can also support email management, DNS services, Databases, Content Management, Site Visitors, Security, Data Back-up, etc. The domain points to this place. It is usually on a computer in a public data center at any of the various locations in the world e.g. USA, UK, Singapore or India.

Choosing a robust and reliable hosting with quality technical support is essential. Hosting can be shared, virtual or dedicated based on resources. It can also be classified as Unix, Linux or Windows platform based. It can also be regular or Cloud based. Like domain, Hosting is also a Periodic Service. If expired, it can lead to data loss. Managing and using hosting is entirely customer's responsibility. sources best hosting from across the world and recommends CPanel based Linux Hosting as per requirements. For most websites, a Flavoured Hosting Plan is good to start with. If in doubt or for special requirements, please contact for assistance.

Hosting Plans

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